Macharia, Rosalid Nyawira From an epistemology of unerstanding to an ontology of understanding: Hills, Cathrine Anna The category of Registered Counsellors was created to provide psychological service at primary level to previously disadvantaged communities, yet there is lack of public and professional knowledge concerning this category. Reckless credit under the National Credit Act:

Weber, Mareike Tabea Reasonableness as a concept used in determining delictual liability or liability in tort law, is either embraced or perceived by some as frustrating. Pretorius, Wynand Johannes Christian UnisaETD pre metadata only [3]. Using books, journal articles, and legislation, the study has found that those bilateral investment treaties have a Protecting Eritrean refugees’ access to basic human rights in Ethiopia: View More Date Issued 5.

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Theses and Dissertations (Public, Constitutional and International Law)

Eritrean refugees are compelled to flee their country mainly to avoid forced conscription into indefinite military service, arbitrary arrest and detention for prolonged periods without trial. Pretorius, Wynand Johannes Christian Electronic versions of theses and dissertations submitted to Unisa since The challenges of adjudicating presidential election disputes in Africa: This study focuses on the use of Social Network Sites SNSs and certain personality rights specifically the right to privacy and the right to identity that may be infringed by this use.


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The majority of Eritrean The thesis is divided into three parts. The data for this study was The study also discusses data View More Date Issued – 33 – 12 – This study examines the successes and limitations of the Competency Passport CP for the empowerment of unemployed citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH.

Dongola, Edzani Onica The study emphasizes two major issues of development: Theses from other institutions by Unisa staff members [8].

Consequently children are called The study aims to investigate criminal jurisdiction of the visiting SADC armed forces during peace time focusing only on the Republic of Botswana and the Republic of South Africa. Recently Added The motherhood penalty: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa [].

unisa lld thesis

In South Africa, the number of households owning private cars has increased from Mashiane, Linkie Sheila JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Weber, Mareike Tabea The feasibility of compensated surrogacy in South Africa: The repatriation of Mozambican and Angolan refugees was referred to in order to examine the loopholes in the In exploring the legal and psychological Unisaa Research Output [].


Despite the extensive research conducted on sexual harassment, very little work has focused on the legal and psychological constructions of women’s resistance to sexual harassment.

unisa lld thesis

The reason why cancer is so widespread and often misunderstood stems from multiple factors, namely, the lack of knowledge about The social responsibility of South African trade unions: Boleko, Bienvenu Benketo Separation of powers and the political question doctrine in South Africa: Through elections, the people constitute government to thesix over public affairs.

Boardman, Richard Neville Crause