Notes and footnotes must be numbered consecutively throughout the thesis. When the thesis is accepted, the title and boilerplate abstract text will appear in cIRcle, but the thesis itself and the actual abstract will not be available. Unless you have submitted the Withhold Thesis from the Public Domain form and your request has been approved, your embargo date will be removed. Grouped at the end of the relevant chapter. Final Thesis approved by Grad Studies Please note: When submitting the thesis to cIRcle, students should: Application Deadline — Education — May Admission.

This form is to be completed by the supervisor and delivered to CoGS either in hard-copy form or via email to initiate the scheduling of the defence. Students must submit their final thesis documentation electronically to gradtheses. LyX is an open-source, full-featured document processor that has all the advantages of LaTeX structured approach, seamless citations, cross-referencing, indexing, etc and is built closely on top of LaTeX but offers an easy to use, graphical interface. All teaching appointments of graduate students require the written approval of the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. The student must be sure to remove the original file before uploading the corrected file. Additional documentation will be required refer to page 1 of the form.

Last day for withdrawal from Winter Term 2 courses with withdrawal standing of W on academic record. The name must be the same at both the top and the bottom of the title page, and must be the name under which you are registered at UBC.

You hold copyright to your theses regardless of the method of submission. A list of any publications or submissions arising from work presented in thessis thesis including the title of the article and name of the publisher only if the article has been accepted or publishedand the chapter s of the dissertation in which the work is located. Students who hold an undergraduate degree but are not currently admitted to the College of Thedis Studies may be permitted to take graduate level courses with the permission of the College and the instructor.


ubc okanagan thesis defense

You and your supervisor decense decide on the form and location of footnotes at an early stage in the writing of the thesis, following a style guide or style of a significant refereed journal in your field. In recognition of the accomplishments of its doctoral graduates, UBC has instituted the reading of doctoral citations during graduation ceremonies.

Dr Chung examined how Alcoholics Anonymous helps people maintain sobriety and develop psychosocial well-being.

A complete account of the research presented in ubv systematic manner typical of the ibc of study. Doctoral Dissertation Approval and Program Completion Form This form confirms that the student has completed all program requirements including any dissertation changes that were required by the dissertation examination committee.

Applications open for February Degree Conferral.

Thesis and Dissertation

These resources are designed to help students check the presentation and formatting of their thesis. Reference letters are critical to a scholarship application and are often an overlooked part of the application process.

Students should okanaggan read the information regarding tuition payment schedules listed in the Academic Calendar. Internal Awards Evaluation Criteria. Applications closed for May Degree Conferral.

Post-Defence Submission

On the registration page, enter your email address to register. Follow this link for more information about the Thesis Formatting Service. If you list them, you must include the following: The following components are listed in order as they should be presented within your thesis.


ubc okanagan thesis defense

Numbering Tables, figures, illustrations and other such items must be numbered consecutively in order of appearance within the thesis. This form should be used ub the Graduate Program Coordinator when nominating a student s for the International Doctoral Fellowship.

Previous Academic Credentials You may list your previous academic credentials under your name if you wish. Preparation of manuscripts, if any.

ubc okanagan thesis defense

Signatures are considered to be personal information, and must be removed from the final copy of the thesis. Is ubcc concise and accurate summary of the thesis. The form is then given to the supervisor to hold until the student makes all the necessary revisions.

A submission is not complete and does not meet deadlines until the thesis has been approved, and xefense student has received an official email receipt. It is highly advisable to schedule your defence prior to or after the summer months of July and August given the unavailability of many faculty members. Annual Progress Report B. Headings must be repeated on the second and subsequent pages of tables that split over two pages or more.

Supplementary materials Contact CoGS. Table of Contents Required. Figures must be listed with their numbers, titles, and page numbers.


The format for the captions for all figures. Last day for withdrawal from Full-year course Terms 1 and 2 or Distance Education Term B courses with withdrawal standing of W on academic record. Program Completion and Graduation.