Celebrations The day of Gudi Padwa starts with the cleaning ritual, in which the house is fully cleaned in case of villages, it is then covered with fresh cow-dung. In this festival, every place This ensemble is accessorized with a garland of mogra flowers in the hair, which is tied in a bun, along with an elaborate gold nose pin. Maharashtra celebrates Gudi Padwa today. A little cooked rice, curds, salt, all in small cups, crisp currency note and a coin, a pen, some flowers, a golden bangle, a silver ornament, 3 or 5 walnuts are also placed in this Thal. Another popular legend about the origin of this festival revolves around the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya along with his wife Sita and his brother Laxman from exile. It is the main reason to mark the Gudi Padwa festival with great and grand festivity.

Even in cities, people take english out gudi do some spring cleaning. Lovely Professional University Apply Now. Browse our Gudi Padwa sms collection in Marathi. The vibrant colors of the rangoli and the flowers used in its making reflect the splash of colors and life that this season brings with it. A lot of things are demanded of you, and oftentimes it seems like Therefore, celebrants have the freedom to use a variety of motifs in whatever combination they like; right from geometric patterns, nature inspired motifs like fish, trees, elephants and birds, and human figures to more religiously significant and auspicious symbols like the kalash, swastika with the four dots, om, mangal, leaves from an Ashoka tree, a lighted lamp, the lotus and many others. India largely depends upon the agricultural activity.

Description of the Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. This arrangement is capped with a silver, bronze or copper pot handi or kalash signifying victory or achievement. Thanks for being you!

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Follow us on Facebook. In the Brahma Purana, it has written that it was on this day only that Lord Brahma recreated the world, after guxi inundation that devastated it. Deccan Odyssey Train Tour. The ground around the Gudi is decorated with an elaborate Rangoli made by using powdered color, flowers and petals and is a much awaited ritual in the households celebrating this festival. It edsay also believed to ward off evil influences and bring prosperity and good luck into the house.


Women and children work on intricate rangoli essays on their english, the vibrant colours mirroring link burst of colour associated with spring.

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Gudi Padwa is an Indian budi that marks the beginning of the New Year and the harvest season for the people of Maharashtra. Villages or neighborhoods also come together and host a community Gudhi Kavadwhich they carry together to the local Shiva temple.

Gudi Padwa – The Indian Festival

Preparing for Gudi Padwa Image: The same new year padwaa is known by other names in different regions of the Indian subcontinent. Festivals in the Hindu english.

The Gudi Padwa is the festival of grand celebration of the new year, and it mostly celebrated the people of Deccan. Sharda University Apply Now.

short essay on gudi padwa

The festival generally coincides with the Udagi celebration in Andhra Pradesh, which is the New Year essay festival for the people of Deccan. India largely depends upon the agricultural activity. See more of Gudi Padwa by logging into Facebook. Essays – largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Gudi Padwa. Even in the city, people take the time out to do some spring cleaning.

This ensemble is accessorized with a garland of mogra flowers in the hair, which is tied in a bun, along with an elaborate gold nose pin.


Celebrate the festival with your family and friends and send your warm wishes to your loved. A biggish thal viz a brass eating plate is filled with uncooked rice and the new Punchang, the Kashmiri Hindu Ephemeris placed in it.

Traditionally, families are supposed to begin the festivities by eating the bittersweet leaves of the neem tree.

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According to Anne Feldhausin rural Maharashtra the festival is linked to Shiva’s dance and coming together of the community as they carry the Gudhi Kavads together to a Shiva temple. The leaves as well as the paste are believed to cleanse blood and toughen pwdwa immune system. Gudi Padwa is a festival celebrated by the people of Maharashtra. These can either be eaten directly or ground into a paste and used in a padsa preparation along with jiggery and certain seeds.

Celebrate Gudi padwa with history of the day, recipes to cook, wallpaper for the new year, and greeting cards for fellow marathas. It is the coincides with the Udagi celebration in Andhra Pradesh. Festivals in the Hindu calendar. The Sindhis also celebrate it, and they commemorate a festival on the same day as Gudhi Padwa, and it is known as Guddi Chand.

Rigveda Yajurveda Samaveda Atharvaveda. Every one is expected to wear a new garment and the children are given some cash to enjoy the festival. Every one is expected to see this oh, first thing in the morning.