Select the Create Account button. Submit your documents by the specified date. We process your application for 16 institutions. Find out your OP ineligible rank from late December. If your documents are in a foreign language, you must submit copies of the document in the original language and a full, official translation into English.

Statements of attainment, results slips and award elements documents are not sufficient. Previous cut-offs can be used as a guide only as to what future cut-offs may be. Certificate showing trade or traineeship completion from the relevant government or issuing body. Tertiary study is the level of formal education beyond secondary education. Complete the cover sheets and attach any supporting documentation outlined.

The document upload limit is 15MB. OP ineligible students We calculate your OP ineligible rank. Merchant marine Certificate of competency. Getting an estimate beforehand though can help you legter which courses to apply for. Type of employment full-time, part-time or casual and hours per week or total hours for the period of employment.

The statement contains current rank, date tqac enlistment, length of service, current occupation, posting and promotion history. Select the Create Account button. Education and experience Check we have the correct details for your Year 12 studies and other qualifications that should be in your QCAA learning account.

Www.qtac.edu.au 2016 Year 12 students Your QTAC application.

Each employer’s statement must include all details listed below. Payment must be received before we will start to process your application.


The supporting documentation needed for each EAS category is outlined on the relevant cover sheet. Home Applying Educational Access Scheme. We make offers by going down the order of merit until all places in the course are filled. If you are under 22 and are financially supported by your parents or guardians, you are considered to be dependent. Find out about personal circumstances under the Financial Hardship category.

Some exceptions apply, especially if you don’t speak English at home. Apply directly to these institutions, not through QTAC. Hints and tips When to start planning Choosing the right course and institution Study costs How to apply Getting support Living away from home Thinking of applying yourself?

International students studying Year 12 in Australia – check with the institution whether to apply directly or through QTAC. If you change your preferences and documentation is required then, we will contact you.

Educational Access Scheme – QTAC

The information you need to provide depends on your personal circumstances. Length of time the accountant, solicitor or lettr agent has been of service to you and the relevant business.

Refer to Key Dates and Fees for documentation due dates for scheduled offer rounds. Civil aviation, commercial pilot’s licence Licence certificate.


qtac cover letter

Weatherdon Fall of A personal resume, curriculum vitae, group certificates, pay slips, tax returns, separation certificates, employment contracts or documents similar to these, are not sufficient. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. You don’t have to be in Year 12 or currently studying to apply for EAS, but most EAS categories relate to circumstances that affected your most recent studies.

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Home Applying Apply here Documentation. You can qualify for the Financial Hardship category if: If the document you need to provide isn’t listed in Outstanding Documents, you can post your documents to:. You should also include any alternative documents that may support your case.

You can upload your documents to your application by logging in to Application Services and going to Outstanding Documents.

qtac cover letter

Contact the institution for details. Required documents The documentation you need to provide depends on your qualifications. Do not submit extract translations as they are not accepted.