Laminated fabric as top electrode for organic photovoltaics Steim, R. Finally, we perform calculations to quantify the stabilization effect by optical screening, and demonstrate it to play only a minor role as well. It is observed that the open-circuit voltage of these devices depends on the mixing ratio of ZnPc: On the impact of contact selectivity and charge transport on the open-circuit voltage of organic solar cells Spies, A. Extraction of physical parameters by means of markov chain Monte Carlo techniques Raba, A.

Performance of ITO-free inverted organic bulk heterojunction photodetectors: Controlling the intragap states of electron transporting interlayers for efficient and stable inverted organic photovoltaics Bai, S. Luminescence spectroscopy and thin-film interference effects in organic solar cells: Layout optimization of organic wrap through solar cells by comined electrical and optical modeling Schiefer, S. PC61BM devices was investigated by a pulsed measurement technique in order to prevent disturbing influences due to device heating under continous illumination.

Fulltext All words None of the words. Most of the studies of this this work are based on experimental data of solar cells comprisiing the donor dye zinc phthalocyanine and the acceptor fullerene C This dissertation constitutes a detailed study of the degradation behavior of organic photovoltaics under different ambient conditions, with particular focus on the role of the fullerene in disseration processes.

organische solarzelle dissertation

Influence of hole extraction efficiency on the performance and stability of organic solar cells Ecker, B. In case of organic bulk heterojunction BHJ solar cells it is — in contrast to inorganic devices — dependent on the applied bias voltage. Dimerization is found to be suppressed in the presence orgqnische oxygen and is independent of the temperature.

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Diese wird im letzten Teil der Arbeit anhand der ZnPc: Furthermore, the electronic structure of the A-D-A scaffold should be modified by the replacing the DCV acceptor moieties by 1- 1,1-dicyanomethylene -cyclohexene DCC units, in order to shift the absorption towards longer wavelength for an enhanced light harvest.


Nevertheless, in the case of some polymer: Charge carrier solarzellf for contacts for organic solar cells Spies, A. The physical meaning of charge extraction by linearly increasing voltage dkssertation from organic solar cells Hanfland, R. It is observed that the open-circuit voltage of these devices depends on the mixing ratio of ZnPc: An effective dissociation of excitons is provided by a heterojunction of two molecules with disssrtation frontier orbital energies, such that the electron is transfered to the electron acceptor and the positive charge hole remains on the donor molecule.

This results in a fill factor dependent on the absorption profile. The implementation into solar cells will be accompanied with thorough optimization of all fabrication aspects, especially of the SVA treatment.

Qucosa – Technische Universität Dresden: Device Physics of Organic Solar Cells

Die entsprechenden Ergebnisse wurden dann in Relation zu den Strom—Spannungs-Kennlinien gesetzt, um die deutlichen Unterschiede in der Effizienz der Solarzellen zu diskutieren. Our electrical, spectroscopic, and analytic measurements on this model system provide evidence that photo-dimerization of PC60BM, i.

Characterization of tandem organic solar cells Timmreck, R. Organic photovoltaics OPV is a field of applied research which has been growing rapidly in the last decade leading to a current diseertation value of power-conversion efficiency of 10 percent.

Impact of charge carrier transport and electrode selectivity on the performance of organic solar cells: Another crucial parameter limiting the solar cell efficiency is the builtin potential of a device. Title All words At least one word None of the words.

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After this macroscopic view on the photocurrent, the focus of this work moves to the more basic processes determining the photocurrent: The first approach will be based on a previous project dealing with the synthesis of a series of oligothiophenes consisting of an A-D-A system comprising a central dithieno[3: Extraction of physical parameters by means of markov chain Monte Carlo techniques Raba, A.


In addition, the photocurrent was described by a combined model of Braun—Onsager and Sokel—Hughes theory for field dependent polaron pair dissociation and charge extraction, respectively.

Photo-induced absorption spectroscopy reveals that the enhanced degradation of C-PCPDTBT correlates with the population of the polymer triplet state via the polymer: These findings were set into relation to current—voltage characteristics in order to discuss the origin of the clear differences in the solar cell performance of both materials. The electrical model developed here is combined with an optical model and covers the diffusion of excitons, their separation, and the subsequent transport of charges.

Zitiervorlage Ata, Ibrahim Simulation of the electrical device parameters reveals that this dimerization process results in a significant reduction of the charge carrier mobility. Furthermore, new application are expected by flexible or semitransparent organic solar cells.

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A pile-up of charge carriers at an extraction barrier is confirmed by measurements of transient photocurrents. A variation of the absorption profile within the blend layer shows that the probability of charge-carrier extraction depends on the locus orgxnische charge-carrier generation.

organische solarzelle dissertation

The current-voltage characteristics J-V curve of a solar cell reflect the electrical processes in the device. Diese Arbeit behandelt im Besonderen die elektrischen Prozesse einer organischen Solarzelle.