In the summer of , I began developing relationships with institutions by inviting them to take part in this study and shape its development. Archibald describes Indigenous epistemology as a 18 wholistic, cyclical relationship that has relational action entailing generation and regeneration. A recent focus on minority student success or lack of it has become part of the dominant discourse due to the increase in minority student participation in colleges and universities. The research process that began in the dissertation will continue as part of my future research. Marilyn Buffalo was first 5 This section is derived from research that was part of other works by Pidgeon ;

In speaking of education as a form of capital, Bourdieu believed that education was not simply a financial investment and return; education provides a conduit for the -domestic transmission of cultural capital” p. Chapter 5 addresses the second research question: Google has many special features to help you find exactly what youre looking for. The first is the structural exclusion account, which explains class difference in educational representation in terms of structural bias. The tenets of colonization and assimilation are based on the dominant 39 maintaining power PAu over what knowledges are validated in the educational system.

Implications for First Nations education: However, Elder and Aboriginal Advisory Michele consultation along with Aboriginal student input were important community voices present within the institutional communities involved in this project.

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Mertens describes the ontological position of the transformative-emancipatory paradigm as one that describes the realities of participants within a historical, political, cultural, and economic context.

Michelle, your continued support and critical thinking extended and pushed the boundaries of this dissertation to what it is. Consequently, we must remain cognizant and critical of a world making that is defined according to the values and perceptions of the dominant hegemony. I wish to express deep gratitude my supervisors, Jo-ann Archibald and Lesley Andres and committee member, Michelle Stack, individually for their contributions to this journey.

Although education for non-Aboriginal students is a provincial responsibility, federal jurisdiction of Aboriginal education historically has excluded First Nations participation in critical policy and decision making at provincial levels British Columbia Human Rights Commission, It also alludes to the larger issue of the hierarchy of the mainstream educational system Andres, These examples highlight how Indigenous knowledge and frameworks have been implemented and practiced within a comprehensive mainstream research university with aims to increase Aboriginal student participation and retention.


Smith uses a wholistic model to explain an Indigenous research agenda that has four directions of decolonization, healing, transformation, and mobilization. Academic gatekeepers are responsible for creating a “technical – language that creates a structural distance, physically and intellectually, between those inside and outside the academy Deloria, ; Mihesuah, I first want to acknowledge and thank the Musqueam peoples for allowing me to study on their traditional and unceded territory on which the University of British Columbia is housed.

michelle pidgeon dissertation

Social space, such disserfation a university, is then influenced by the acknowledgement and maintenance of social capital through the use of cultural, symbolic, and economic capital that maintains the symbolic power relations valued that constitute the structure michrlle that social space Bourdieu, These types of capital can be translated into social networks “who you know”material possessions, educational credentials, social status, pirgeon financial situation.

Thinking of the university experience in a wholistic manner helps conceptualize potential “gatekeepers” or barriers to Aboriginal student success at various phases of the university experience Mihesuah, Where I am using specific examples from a particular Aboriginal nation or Indigenous group e. For example, Linda T. How can institutions be made more successful for Aboriginal peoples? In using the master’s tools i.

michelle pidgeon dissertation

Marilyn Buffalo was first 5 This section is derived from research that was part of other disssertation by Pidgeon ; As part of the horizontal, Mmichelle knowledge is interwoven within the broader fabric of the institution. Once the door has been opened, institutions have little control over the agency pidgeln the actors, such as Aboriginal faculty, staff, and students in how Indigenous knowledges filter across and push beyond such defined boundaries.


Action for Health Cross Thematic Materials. Find Michele Pidgeons phone, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory Our company offers one of the better writing services available. Since the s, many of these recommendations have not been addressed or fully implemented across Canada’s educational system; hence, the ongoing challenge and disappointment in a structure that continues to fail Aboriginal peoples.

For example, in the context of this study, mixed methods allowed varying theoretical and epistemological positions to be brought together to understand Aboriginal higher education within the social, economic, and political history of colonial education in Canada.

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To the Dwyer and Pidgeon clan—I am here at this point of my journey because of you! Records may pertain to a particular lineage or geographical area.

It also discusses how Aboriginal student services are sites of Indigenous knowledge within universities. This alludes to the institution only -permitting- the areas of Aboriginal culture that the dominant sees as having value and worth.

They position their responsibility to post- secondary education as a social obligation rather than a legal one Stonechild, However, as Andres found, the articulated transfer system in British Columbia is not without its problems. Bourdieu states, You can think with a thinker against the thinker. As an official definition of an official identity, [a post-secondary credential] releases its holder from the symbolic struggle of all against all by imposing the universally approved perspective.

Michelle pidgeon dissertation

Indigenous knowledges are present within 49 universities in a variety of ways through academic programs, curriculum, and pedagogic actions J. This discourse of standards and measures is typically framed as sustaining economic growth and social cohesiveness.

It constitutes our ways of thinking about and ultimately constructing our worlds” Haig-Brown, a, p.