The attitudes of homes and communities are seen as determinants of the kinds of educational action that are possible. The answer to this question is quite relevant for this matter, because it might determine the methodological approach to the teaching of it. This is because music is not considered part of the core curriculum as are classes such as English and math. During a conference 4 The proposal regarding the inclusion of Creoles or other local languages as the means of instruction is not exclusive of Jamaica. These are the people who still share the view of Sir Harry Johnston, an English anthropologist who wrote in study of black life in the Caribbean that patois “is a barbarous and clumsy jargon” Freed,

Object of the verb A hu dis? The first “Mek” of “Mek we mek mankine” does translate as let, but the second “mek” translates to “make”, the Standard English form. For example a Rasta would say “I and I went home,” never “I went home. The Power of Music words – 8 pages Many American schools have been cutting their budgets, and music classes are one of the first classes to be cut. Some identify it as the language of colonialism. Shakespeare demonstrates the power of words poignantly through Othello’s monologues. I read essay upon essay, ideas and histories of ideas, until I pause in a pensive moment.

One morning Sullivan came to Helen and gave her, her favorite doll to play with.

It is also a background noise in movies, or parties, or a variety of other places. Despite the overwhelming task jamaicsn trying to change mentalities entails, there have been attempts to deal with this issue: The distribution of wealth and power was unequal on the sugar plantation and the slaves had to endure a lot of cruelties of their slave owners. Any attempt to define Jamaican Creole, brings forth the need to consider the way in which such language has evolved and consolidated in Jamaica.


Emilie Adams wrote a book, Understanding Jamaican Patois, to help non-Jamaicans to understand Creole, presenting two versions of spelling, one in modified Standard English and the other a modified version patoia the Cassidy and Le Page orthography.

Rastas believe that no speaker is under, beneath or below another whether they speak Creole, English, or dread talk. Kwa, Esay, and Kru are amongst the variety of prominent African languages apparent in Jamaican history. Older speakers tended to use both depending on their educational level.

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The birth of population centers, such as Port Royal, Passage Fort, and Kingston, served parois mixing pot of many different speakers. Accessed March 30, Mufwene, Salikoko S.

Rastas view speech as a “holy tool”, just as in a variety of African cultures, yet they probably do not even realize this but they just know that their language is natural and feels right.

Those who were born in Jamaica naturally spoke it and it became prestigious. These are all substantial arguments, but Pryce ezsay make a good point that this argument goes deeper than it appears.

Jamaican Patois and the Power of

Wherever people from some country travel through another countries, they carried with them, a national identity, which is usually involved in languages. In the middle of the language scale there is the inclusion of Jamaican rhythm and intonation of words, which evolved within the country Cassidy, and Barrett, For example a Rasta would say “I and I went home,” never “I went jamacian.

jamaican patois essay

I knew reggae music was a part of my culture, but I did not know the dynamics of reggae music. Biblical references strengthen the power of reggae music. The title of this paper is the perception of Jamaican expats through reggae music. Other people just do not want another official language and believe that if you have mastered Standard English then you are morally obligated to use it at all times Sebba 1, By doing this she learned her first word.


In the local labour market also English has a prestige. The case of Spanish and French.

jamaican patois essay

Most people never stop and think about the transformative power that. It may be easy to learn the basics of patois, but it is often argued that in Jamaica today you need to be able to read and write in Standard English in order to attain a successful career Pryce, Hence, in many occasions, it results much easier to establish communication through meaning by communicating jamakcan their native tongue, Creole; rather than parroting phrases in Standard English and losing opportunities for a meaningful learning Brown, The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to propose a discussion around the influence of Jamaican Creole on language teaching and learning.

Grammatical aspects such as gender and number agreement, the use of prepositions, as well as verb tense, namely verb declination, may result a tenuous exercise during a language class.

Jamaican Patois and the Power of

Get inspired and start your paper now! Les enfants sonnt jouer. When two or more languages come into contact to form a new language a Creole eszay is born. Today in Jamaica, Jamaican patois falls at one extreme of the linguistic spectrum while Standard English lies at the other end of the spectrum.

The Creole Continuum adapted from Sand It resulted in four groups of three students each developing a lesson plan for a topic in the comparative analysis of Jamaican Creole and English and piloting their lessons at a Kingston high school.