Regarding the fibre core axis, the measurement of NA is as follows [24]: Figure 9 illustrates the op- timal total cost of GPON access network for different throughput requirements. Also it can be described as the speed of the signal pulse [16]. More information on the project is available here: Prentice Hall, , pp. The target is to compare the network cost of an EPON. Wireless communication increasingly is becoming the first choice link to enter into the global information society.

The design was done using verilog HDL. Chapter 2 provides the theoretical, respectively, technical basis of the thesis. Attenuation of an optical signal changes as a function of wavelength; thus, the attenuation constant or fibre loss is not the same for all frequencies. Firstly, the Muslim mathematician and optics engineer Ibn Sahl accurately described a law of refraction in Bagdad in This research focuses on RoF wireless access and RoF based on a passive optical network architecture aiming at efficient mobility, bandwidth management, and power behaviour. An optical fibre works as follows: The deployment of MMF is attractive as it is easier to install than SMF; it is considerably larger, which eases splicing and connector zing.

Thus, the throughput performance can be written as follows: A look into the history of human communication reveals that the earliest optical communications systems consisted of gpin or smoke signals along the Great Wall of China. HiGiG is a Broadcom proprietary interconnect scheme very much similar to Ethernet in frame structure.

Green Radio Communication Networks Applying Radio-over-Fibre Technology for Wireless Access

I am also grateful to my colleagues for their continuous support and suggestions. Selected as one of twenty best papers in the conference. This approach is expressed in. The dielectric constant of a medium is a function of frequency; therefore, different optical frequencies propagate at different velocities through thsis medium. Where M k represents the number of ONUs connected. The thesis work is available online here.


Master Thesis OptiSystem Projects

A number of needed network segments are determined. Chapter 1 Introduction 1. The thesis addresses the following areas: For this reason, the second level. Use of passive optical networks is very advantageous in.

Link utilization can be used to calculate the number of subscribers that can be supported on a single PON and then can determine the size of population and services that can be supported on OLT ports. Thus, a message could be spread over a distance of more than km, from one end of the Great Wall to the other, in approximately one hour. Each OLT will connect to the converged Layer 3. Figure 7 shows the relationship between.

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More information on the project is available here: OLT will be thesjs in each central office and the quantity will be calculated to satisfy the coverage capac- ity. RoF networks operate primarily at mm-wave bands, which require an additional attenuation, especially around Chapter 2 provides the theoretical, respectively, technical basis of the thesis.

For n e optic networ k nimization, w p ossible. Information transport, via electrical signals in copper respectively coaxial cables or via radio frequencies over a wireless medium is, compared to fibre-optic cables, not hugely effective.


gpon master thesis

EPON frame overhead, it is taken to be 42 bytes. Firstly, the Muslim mathematician and optics engineer Ibn Sahl accurately described a law of refraction in Bagdad in Cambridge University Press,pp.

This fibre obtains beneficial properties, like low attenuation, large wavelength area and high bandwidths over distance. Under review Empty Page Chapter 1 Introduction 1. The limited capacity of narrowband wireless access systems is caused by their low carrier frequencies, which only can offer low bandwidth.

Of course, this humongous increase of the use of wireless rhesis is associated with an increase in energy consumption. This is a technology, which modulates light into radio frequency and transmits it via optical fibre to facilitate wireless access. The ability to reflect light is determined by the composition of the cladding relative to the core glass.

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EMS remote redundancy is ensuring the reliabil- ity. New York thssis, USA: Under review Empty Page. The data traffic in telecommunication networks has been growing tremendously over recent years, and experts predict accelerating data volumes from today three Exabyte a year to ninety Exabyte per year bywhere an Exabyte is equal to one million terabytes [1].