All the state institutions shall be let to work independently without any undue influence and blackmailing. Examples from the Western World 6. Degradation of social structures 4. National accountability Bureau was formulated in after military coup by general Musharraf, but the sad fact is that the said body suffers from corrupt practices and lack of accountability within itself, making it a laughing stock in the eyes of other national institutions. The very need of an accountability framework is felt across the world.

The lack of accountability is leading it towards failure. Status of Women in Other Civilizations 5. Secondly, ensuring the smooth relations between the civil and military leadership can also help if not in ensuring good governance then at least in averting many causes of bad governance. Right to divorce o. When these institutions become hostage to persons they begin to deviate from the principles of good governance.

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Vicegerents of Allah c. Docile and politicized institutions cannot control, let alone to eradicate, corruption.

The tradition of nepotism, lack of democratic norms and political recruitments on high government offices must be eliminated in order to promote transparency, accountability and supremacy of law at all levels. Pakistan, a soft state because of inability of implementation of policies due to lack of consensus Economic causes 1. These abnormalities can be in the form of agents which deteriorates the levels of good governance.


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Similarly, take example of judiciary as state institution. What does it mean by good governance? Crisis of unemployment v. The most recent example of unaccountability is the immunity of those who are responsible for chemical attacks on Syria in April Unless and until corruption is curbed, a state cannot achieve the goal of progress and development and of achieving a respectable opposition in the global comity of nations.

It would be a mere repetition if I say that hard work is the only key to success. Good governance can also be termed as the effective use of power, legislation of policies, transparent accountability, and development of human resources and supremacy of constitution with the absolute rule of law.

Crisis of good governance in Pakistan is not a new concept.

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JWT Desk August 12, Good governance is a prerequisite for social harmony, public order, political stability, economic prosperity and certainty about future. Rising unemployment, poverty and inflation g.

Click here for more essays. Governance is the exercise of authority to address public affairs.

Crisis of good governance

Good governance is required at all levels of society and state. Maker of society n. Similarly, unemployment, illiteracy are other aspects which speak volume about sorry state of governance.

Thursday, March 28, It is goverjance matter of grave misfortune for the entire nation that ever since the birth of Pakistan, democracy could not flourish here due to frequent martial laws and unnecessary intervention of military dictators in the state affairs. Azam January 31, at It has been suppressed by the executive throughout the history of the country. Good governance is a distinct reality when the process of accountability of the corruption ridden elements is either weak or missing. Consciousness in Public through education c.


good governance essay jwt

Bureaucratic hold on all institutions 2. Impacts of corruption on economic spheres include more and more dependency on foreign aid, rising internal and external debts, skyrocketing inflation, lack of economic opportunities, low per capita income and meagre savings and investments.

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Socio economic backwardness of the masses Suggestions for good governance: Govt working on new petroleum policy offering incentives to foreign exploration: How Accountability Leads to Progress and Development: And, in this regard dissemination of education through media campaigns can play a pivotal role.

Privilege of franchise j. Allocation of seven per cent GDP for education 6.