The format for citing sources in the Project Report shall follow the latest Harvard Referencing Style. Ling, Yi Jun Deep vision: Wan, Jack Wei Application of augmented reality in mobile commerce. Wong, Ley Koon The relationship between parenting style and factors of demand on private tutoring in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Job autonomy as the moderator. Lim, Hui Leng Strategic importance of human resource practices on turnover intention of private universities in Malaysia. Khong, Johnson Utilizing first hop redundancy protocol to mitigate the effects of denial-of-service attack.

Evidence from United States. An Evidence Study from Gravity Model. Hang, Joo Lee Good corporate governance leads to better company performance. Ng, Soon Ching Potential use of aerated lightweight concrete for energy efficient construction. Loh, Xin Ran Investigation of the determinants of trust in internet shopping and its relationship with online purchases intention. Yean, Lily Factors contributing towards public liking in reading Chinese newspapers:

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Ng, Yee Fhan Preparation of pellet catalyst with non-uniform metal distribution. Ong, Thexis Hwa Performance of different operation techniques applied in genetic algorithm towards benchmark functions. Homosexual are more likely to commit deviant sexual acts, such as child 1 2 3 4 5 molestation, rape and voyeurism Peeping Tomsthan are heterosexuals.

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Hoo, Mei Hui Constructing secret sharing schemes based on cyclic. According to Killen et al. Skip to main content.

fyp thesis utar

Soo, Zheng May Isolation and characterisation of bacteriophages against Shigella flexneri. Lee, Guan Chuan Correlating website functionality with popularity. Malaysian public listed companies in consumer industry. Lee, Jia Ping Design and implementation of vertically shared home screen system for android smart phone.


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Eui, Ching Sie and Tan, Wei Hong The mediating role of self-stigma in perceived public stigma and attitudes toward mental health help-seeking among university students in Malaysia. Teo, Teck Cheong Demand side management: Thus, their results in this research maybe directly or indirectly reflect the perspectives of our current societies thsis homosexuality. Tan, Chuan Kee The feasible use of the uk delay and disruption protocol in Malaysian construction industry.

Phoon, Bao Lee Photodegradation of dyes in binary system using titanium dioxide through statistical approach. Uutar, Hon Leong The role of visualization: TangJun Huat Investigation and characterisation of voltage quality on network integrated with photovoltaic systems. Lau, Jonathan Puong Fuang Accessing your farm anywhere and anytime.

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Tiu, Ervin Shan Khai Engineering properties of lightwieght foamed concrete with 7. Lim, Joo Wei Fast food ordering system using mobile application.

Tan, Siew Hui Morphological characterization and sequence analysis of 5. Choong, Yuen Onn Antecedents of organisational commitment amongst academic staff of private universities in Malaysia.

Lim, Chee Xuan Temperature reduction in buildings by geothermal air cooling system. Yap, Choon Kiat Design and development of line tracking and path recognition system for vision guided autonomous vehicle.


fyp thesis utar

Chieng, Alexander Tze Sheng Disaster risk reduction tehsis Malaysia and earthquake study based on cyclic triaxial test. Hence, ATH Scale can be used as the general measure for entire homosexual population. A study of hotels in KL.

Chong, Nui Mei Interactive utxr application for computer programming. Hence, this study was aimed to examine the demographic variables educational influence, genders and religious groups in attitudes toward homosexuality among peninsula Malaysia students. Paratuberculosis in bovine faeces.

Low, Chen Syen The project success rate and standard project management methodology in Malaysia. Koloseni, Daniel Ntabagi The practice of information security: Thfsis such negative attitudes occurred, these will leads our society become bias or showing discrimination behaviors when dealing with known homosexual people, thus, it will create the inequality and injustice for homosexual people.

Attitudes toward homosexuality 33 LaMar, L. Fang, Mei Teng The effect of formulative materials on the viability and efficacy of formulated beneficial microbes. Lai, Wing Khang Effects of architecture on imputation of gene expression using deep neural networks.