If after submitting your form you are unsuccessful, read through your form and think about why and what you could possibly improve. You are commenting using your Twitter account. What insight did it give you into the practice of clinical psychologists or academics in that field? This does provide a helpful guide to show that you do meet their essential and desirable criteria on the your personal statement, to make you stand-out as more suitable than others. Fingers crossed my personal statement is good enough though — I will find out in the next few weeks how far it has got me!

You need to prove that you understand what psychology is and how important the scientific elements of the course such as statistics and experimentation are. See more of Clinical Psychology: Psychology For more advice go to: Similarly, you need to study the person specification so you understand exactly what they are looking for. The whole process is undoubetdly harrowing and the above pointers are really aimed at people who fulfill the basic criteria — you need ot be realistic about whether this is for you. By Jenna Condie Sep. I have recently completed my doctorate in clinical psychology and am now a qualified clinical psychologist and have supervised and shortlisted assistant psychologist posts.

DClinPsy – the dreaded application process | Robin Ward

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Thankfully applying to course centres that utilise an entry exam to help filter out people and to identify stronger candidates for interview does put less pressure on the personal statement. Along these lines, I think that the best candidate for any position is probably the person who shows that they understand the role and what is required, meets the essential requirements, and shows evidence of potential and a readiness and openness to learn and develop.


dclinpsy personal statement examples

Or that I am passionate about involving carers in research as I feel they often get overlooked. Clearly this can be answered in a multitude of different ways.

By Jenna Condie Sep. Being able to write an exzmples to suit both could be incredibly tricky to do, never mind the restrictive character limit! For more advice go to: This does provide a helpful guide to show that you do meet their essential and desirable criteria on the your personal statement, to make you stand-out as more suitable than others.

dclinpsy personal statement examples

I will share some of those insights here. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Writing the Clinical Psychology doctorate personal statement. | Psychology Ponderings

Annoyingly, as with most scientific disciplines, much of the terminology used are rather long words, which take up precious space! In clinical psychology and other helping professions, it is necessary to reflect on these things at all stages so that we can remain aware of our own motivations, as these will influence our actions, reactions and how we make sense of the process.

Posted in careerclinical psychologylearningmental healthpsychologyresearch. In all seriousness, it is good to be aware of and realistic about your limitations another common interview question is about your strengths and weaknesses and this is an important skill as both a practitioner and a researcher. Some centres prefer people who are more research-focused while others more clinically oriented. I realise this post is a bit dated, however great personzl to follow the trainee person spec.

I was not too upset by this for a number of reasons:.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here If you know anyone who is in the field — ask them to read over your form and share their thoughts also take them with a pinch of salt, as like this blog post, it is just their opinion. Asking for statemejt from psychologists who have recently completed the doctorate program are also great help.


Polishing your clinical psychology job/course application to a shine

These are just some of my thoughts. You are commenting using your Google account.

That is not healthy and anyone who does fill up their spare time with psychology as well as working in or studying it really needs to take a step back to think about their priorities.

In December i applied for a place on a Clinical Psychology course and like many others i did not get on — in fact i did not get an interview. Personal Statements for DClin application: Skip to toolbar Log In Search. Other key things that employers and admissions staff look for in this field is enthusiasm and warmth. This was because they would advise and highlight different things, and make great suggestions to include, not really taking into account the restrictive ecamples count.

Writing the Clinical Psychology doctorate personal statement.

Indeed, evidence of hobbies and self-care, or at least recognition of the importance of self-care and work life balance, are something I look out for when shortlisting. However some courses do seem to combine your test scores with your personal statement, so it must measure-up to some extent anyway! Make it easy for whoever is reading your form to tick the boxes that they will inevitably have in front of them that map onto the person specification. To help you visualise what 3, characters looks like in a word document when written in Arial size 12… It can just about fit on to one sheet of A4.

I am continually asking myself this question.