All pages must have serial numbers at upper right hand corner. Should reflect the objectives of the study. Although majority of the reasons mentioned above are the steps in right direction but the main purpose of dissertation writing should be to emphasized on the art of conducting proper research and furnishing its presentation in the form of writing rather than making the trainees afraid of this. Name and place where the research work has been conducted — community based or facility based e. Objectives are statements of mentions. Technical help and other contributions like financial and material support are acknowledged in a separate paragraph.

The contents of the tables should not be repeated in the text. It must not contain any typographical errors or spelling mistakes. Sub-headings are also used where necessary. The importance of the topic selected The rationale of the study and discusses the background. Results The results should be in logical sequence with the main results being stated first. It must have 4-cm margin, at all 4 sides of each page. References should preferably be of the last five years, including some published in the recent past.

cpsp dissertation topics

Should reflect the objectives of the study. Each section of the dissertation must be started on a new page. Discussion The writing skills of a trainee are best projected in this section of the dissertation.

Rissertation complete title of the manuscript, the name of the authors with their highest qualifications, the department or institution to which they are attached, address for correspondence with telephone numbers and fax number, if possible. Review of Literature Review of the literature is essential.


CPSP Synopsis for Dummies

However the CPSP Council needs to be commended for having given an option to the postgraduates to publish two scientific papers after getting their synopsis approved in the CPSP recognized medical journals instead of writing a Dissertation.

The objective of writing a dissertation is to develop skills in fellowship trainees for: Key words are included with structured abstract.

Mention the name of statistical test and software program wherever applied. It is written on separate page s and numbered in Topicw numerals. Use terms from the Medical Subject Headings MeSH which are standard medical headings given in the list of index medicus, e. Data in tables or figures should not be repeated in the text where only important observations should be summarized.

However, older references can be cited provided they are relevant and historical. Rationale of the study should be mentioned at the end of introduction. Should contain brief background of the selected topic. Teaching students to write effectively has been a major concern in education for many years.

The CPSP will get it bound permanently after acceptance.

cps A list of all abbreviations used in the text must hopics be attached in the dissertation. The abstract is around pages words written under the following headings: In Vancouver style for detail refer to page It should be a collective review and critique in the candidate’s own words of various viewpoints supported by relevant data, and should not be copied from published work. It must be mentioned whether the hypothesis in the article is true, false or no conclusions can derived.


Time taken in relieve of symptoms which may be pain, fever cough heartburn etc. All original articles should have a structured abstract. Title Page It is the very first page of dissertation.

PakMediNet – Guidelines for Synopsis and Dissertation Writing

Table of Contents It is an important section of part I that contains the main headings of the text in the dissertation, annexes and page numbers in Arabic and Roman numerals. The Dissertation must contain 15, to 20, words i. On what bases will patients be excluded from the study. All interventional studies ii.

Objectives Objectives are statements of intentions. Probability or Non probability. The CPSP dissertation is a document that contains relevant details of the research work ddissertation by the fellowship trainee relating to the problem selected. Your Username Your Password. The conclusions should be linked topicss the objectives of the study.

Statistics describing the study population, and the number of subjects who were excluded. Technical help and other contributions like financial and material support are acknowledged in a separate paragraph.

cpsp dissertation topics

How many patients will be included.