That is, you cannot send in all essays at the same time! Feel free to ask me questions, even if they seem silly to you. These tests are in our Bb course. A high school diploma or its equivalent is not a general admissions requirement of the college provided the student is 18 years of age, the compulsory age for high school attendance in Rhode Island. After the grace period, the grade for that assignment will be reduced by one letter grade. I do recommend your contacting me if an assignment is going to be late. Take scheduled online tests based on sentence skills grammar and punctuation presented in your text.

The purpose of this course is to enable students to write fluent, accurate and effective essays, including research and documentation assignments. These tests are in our Bb course. CCRI email is the official manner in which I will communicate with you. If at any time, you are unsure about your computer skills, please contact me and I will either direct you to a specific resource at the site or find the information you need. However, I want you to have a clear understanding of course goals and procedures within our online environment.

Admissions – Community College of Rhode Island

That is, you need to submit Essay 1 before Essay 2. The Running Start Program is for high school students who have demonstrated academic achievement and the maturity necessary to enroll in college courses during their senior year of high school.

All Launchpad or Learning Curve work will be specifically noted in Blackboard. Consider downloading Dropbox colleye, an easy way to transfer files. If you purchase the text from the CCRI bookstoreit will come bundled with an access code for Launchpad. Interested high school students should contact their school counselor as soon as possible so they may enroll in appropriate classes while in high school.


In effect, one helps you prepare for the other. Proctors may not, however, answer any academic-related questions associated with esswy test. However, as in all courses, the schedule may change so it is essential that you visit the course at least once a week and go to the assigned week where you will see both reminders and updates. The remainder of this document should provide you with the necessary course information, including important policies, outcomes, and types of assignments. Home-school transcripts must be official, and documentation from the local school district approving the home-schooling program should be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services.

Composition I Online Instructor: Participate in the course via quality postings to the Graded Discussion Board. At the end of the semester, I calculate your grade based on the following percentages:. A Running Start Applicant?

Here you can ask questions about course assignments, Bb functions or problems, or general course information. A statement from your physiciancertifying that your health will permit studying abroad. Students should apply online as early as possible.

The International Student Application is available here. A test administrator will be present throughout the testing session to answer any questions you have. Eat a good sesay before taking the test so you aren’t distracted by hunger.


A student who is a CCRI graduate must change their major before enrolling in classes.


Regardless of how you email me, you must remember to check your email for my response. For more information, contact DSS: Completed Application for Enrollment.

You can email me at kbeauchene ccri. These tests are in our Bb course.

ccri college essay

Being registered for this course automatically registers you into the Bb course component, where you will find cvri course syllabi, assignments, and resources. Applications are processed as they are received. Take scheduled online tests based on sentence skills grammar and punctuation presented in your text. That is, you cannot send in all essays at the same time!

ccri college essay

In the case of secondary education received outside of the United States, transcripts must be evaluated to determine whether they meet U. A rubric will be provided for each essay assignment. This portion of the test is untimed so that you can give each question as much thought as you wish. Please see this page for more information. I hope I have not overwhelmed you with all of the above.