Any useful parts of the study not directly relevant to the main theme may also be put in the Appendix, but should be clearly referenced in the text. Avoid large, complicated tables. However, you can also get help from the sources shown below: The credit module blocks are largely shared. Where you have accessed them in a secondary source without proper acknowledgement, this, at best, constitutes poor scholarship.

Your methodology needs to be clearly described and justified. It is the student’s responsibility to seek agreement, which is given at the lecturer’s discretion. Provides evidence of clarity, focus and cogency in communication. However permission must be obtained from the author for anything included under this heading. Appendices The use of appendices in library-based dissertations is actively discouraged. If this happens to you, you must submit a Mitigating Circumstances Form to your School see section

We do not mind which one of these arrangements you adopt, because both are effectively correct; however it is good practice to be consistent, so please use only one arrangement in any one piece of coursework.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

Students are encouraged to discuss any points with staff outside this meeting structure, and any key items can be fed back to staff-student meetings. The 3 rd assessor will have the opportunity to discuss the dissertation with the first two assessors and the decision of the 3rd assessor, with documented justification, shall be final; All paperwork associated with an individual dissertation assessment including the two independent assessment forms, the joint assessment form and, if moderation employed, the moderation assessment formas well as the dissertation itself, shall be made available for scrutiny by the External Examiner s.

Demonstrates an acceptable degree of competence in the appropriate use of the relevant literature, theory, methodologies, practices, tools, etc.

Both copies must be identical and adequately bound. Normally student queries are dealt with on-the-spot, but in some cases students need to arrange meetings with staff. In any case you must submit a form to seek internal resolution within 14 days of the notification of your results.

Demonstrates exceptional ability in the appropriate use of the relevant literature, theory, methodologies, practices, tools, etc. Attendance is good and there is a high level of punctuality; the student integrates well within the research group. Upload document Create flashcards.



Demonstrates the ability to develop an independent, systematic and logical or insightful argument or evaluation. In situations where participants are not going about their daily business, but gathered for the purpose of a study, will it be necessary for participants to take part in the study without their knowledge and consent at the time?

Have you, to the best of your knowledge, used your own words throughout?

Many part time students begin their dissertation after the first year of study, as they may wish to attempt to complete their MSc in two years. Legislation and Management LM This programme is designed to brunek those whose career choice lies in the field of environmental processes their management and regulatory framework to acquire a broadbased knowledge of the concepts involved.

The adjustment of deadlines for the submission of assessed coursework affected by mitigating circumstances is determined in accordance with a University-wide Policy on Late Submission Penalties — described elsewhere in this student handbook. Presentation The report will broadly conform to the house-style and will have a logical structure.

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Where the Panel of Examiners has insufficient confidence in the integrity and fairness of the outcomes of an assessment, it shall take appropriate action in order to achieve sufficient confidence.

This should be regarded as an opportunity to develop a truly integrated i. Module leader s and Maggie Wescott must be informed if a student is unable to attend a class. See below, for regulations on submission. I understand that to give false information could result in disciplinary action against me in accordance with Senate Regulation 6. Diagrams in Appendix 2 also summarise the scheme of studies for Full-time and Part-time students Module block specifications are also provided in Appendix 2 for all five programmes, where details are given of the learning outcomes, principal topics of study, mode of delivery, assessments and recommended reading for each module block.

The January intake students will enrol onto a 12 month taught programme from January to December with an additional 3 month dissertation element writing up period till the following March. Always give a full reference including page number for all quotations.


There have been numerous individual discussions between personal tutors and students in order to address individual concerns and assist planning. Where mitigating circumstances are accepted, the Panel makes recommendations in a report to the relevant Board of Examiners with the student’s name anonymised concerning the assessments affected and the likely severity of the impact on the student.

Students registered for the Enhanced MSc programme who have passed Year 1 will undertake a 6-month Professional Development period in the second year of this month MSc programme 60 credits ; successful completion of which will result a final award credits of MSc in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design with Professional Development.

In all cases the mentor will be independent from the academic supervisor and will have a track record of success in a relevant area of interest to the student. Students will be marked based on the clarity of the answer and their understanding of the subject.

A Board of Examiners should be held within 2 calendar months of the normal dissertation submission deadline for the programme to consider recommendations for degrees and other awards and shall consider the profiles, including the dissertations, of students with and without revised dissertation deadlines.

To receive and consider report s of external examiners and to consider the content of the response sent to external examiners. If you are required to undertake more than 45 credits of reassessment, the Board of Examiners will make a decision about the timing. You should ensure you apply the correct format for the referencing system you are using.

For example, the normal pressures and challenges of student life are unlikely to be accepted as mitigating circumstances. The postal address to be used in all cases is:

brunel coursework capping