Now the second one is constantly showing ‘blue’ on the booster light but it works normally and so does the booster? Remove the one screw securing the cover and remove the cover. If the leak is coming from a small hole behind the hose connection, this will mean that the Pressure Relief Device PRD has activated due to a blockage or restriction within the shower head. Choose your Shower Heads. This site uses cookies. This will reduce the pressure required to get water back through the system to the absolute minimum.

To replace a digital pumped outlet with a standard outlet, you will need to isolate the water and the power to the shower and remove the pumped processor unit. Scrap my last comment, we turned it off from the mains and this has done the trick!!!!! It mat be worth investigating surge protection? We have two showers. These restrictions can cause an amount of suction in the pipe-work when the shower is in use, which then sucks air down the open vent pipe. Choose your Shower Heads. Put an old towel under the hot and cold water inlets to mop up any water that spills out.

This could be caused by a blockage within the shower head or hose. View all Water System High Pressure. The bigger the engine size the quicker the water heats up.

View all Range Q Digital. Smart pumped showers will require a minimum of 0.

Issues With Aqualisa Digital Quartz Shower

View all Customer Care Register your Guarantee. If you find you have recurring air locks you may need to consult a plumber, or if the air will not clear and the flow continues to splutter then you may be experiencing cavitation, draw down or possibly an air leak.


Zhower the only decent response snezza31 thank you the control unit has blue flashing lights when it powers up.

Installation Guides Customer Care Aqualisa – solvingg Log in or Sign up. Skip to main content Menu Menu. Mains Cold Water Only. Hello, where is the power button on the control unit please? Any hot water coming through?

aqualisa shower problem solving

We would advise to check for any restrictions in the shower head or hose, by this we mean kinks or twists in the hose or lime scale aqualiisa in the spray plate of the proboem head, this can be cleaned by soaking the component in warm water and white vinegar for approx. Mrs BrownNov 27, A customer has an aqualisa shower which has recently stopped working. Keen to try this fix to hopefully save having to replace shower.

View all Customise my shower Sollving your Valve. Choose your Shower Hose. All parts and labour will be covered under Aqualisa Warranty. This is due to the pumped unit only being to withold a maximum of 1bar pressure and having the pump built into the unit.

aqualisa shower problem solving

It mat be worth investigating surge protection? Whoever suggested restarting the box having turned it off for 10 seconds aqualis the booster button pressed thank you. Can also reduce the maximum temperature on the processor unit by isolating the power to the shower, removing the lid on the processor unit and changing the maximum temperature control setting.


My shower had this exact problem and the fix you mentioned worked perfectly first time, showe thanks. Remove the clip from the base of the handle by gently pulling each end apart and sliding the clip free from its seating. Installed supplies to a few but never had to fault find on one.

Issues With Aqualisa Digital Quartz Shower | Screwfix Community Forum

Rang company who told me to turn it on and press boost which I did but didn’t help, worried how long to keep it running when water flow stops – should I do this or turn unit off Soolving your shower struggles to produce water especially hot water and spits or splutters in use, the most common cause is an air lock. Fortunately it is very rare that this needs doing. Again be ready zolving a showrr to mop up any water that spills out.

View all Installation type Concealed. G BrownDec 4, PS I presume that the statement about the cream of the cream being Italian was a rather lame attempt at humour, chuckle, chuckle not. Can’t find your shower parts?