We are making additional investments to strengthen key sectors of the economy, such as tourism and resource development, through the Strategic Investments in Northern Economic Development program, which was subsequently renewed in the Economic Action Plan , while upgrading critical infrastructure to support economic growth through the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund. The Agency’s Northern Projects Management Office NPMO continues to focus on moving new projects through the northern regulatory systems while ensuring people living nearby can benefit from future development. Slowdowns, particularly in the resource exploration sector, can lead to downturns in the secondary industries that support this exploration, such as transport, food and camp services, and procurement. Because CanNor’s funding programs are proposal-driven, some years some programs may be over-subscribed or, as was the case in , under-subscribed. Other contribution programs delivered by the Agency also provided smaller-scale funding geared toward improving capacity and skills.

Work was completed and approved for the harmonized NAEOP , which is fully opportunity-driven, focused on results and geared toward maximizing economic opportunities for Aboriginal communities and businesses. Return to endnote 10 referrer. This work influenced the inclusion of an infrastructure category known as “northern infrastructure”, which is only applicable in the Territories and provides more flexibility to northern governments in terms of infrastructure priorities. These agreements also influence the regulatory environment in which the NPMO must operate. Organizational Contact Information Appendix: As President, I am pleased to report on CanNor’s accomplishments and on the programs and services that were delivered in in collaboration with northern partners. Return to endnote 12 referrer.

CanNor funding provided assistance to an Aboriginal entrepreneur for the development of a business plan and valuation to acquire depatrmental established seamstress business in Whitehorse. As President, I am pleased to report on CanNor’s accomplishments and on the programs and services that were delivered in in collaboration with northern partners.

It also highlighted business development and employment opportunities that accompany mining exploration and development, including how to access and benefit economically immediately and over the long term from those opportunities. Additional staff was hired in but, due to staffing issues particularly for the northern offices, operating costs were lower than the available funds.


This informs the federal perspective on northern economic development and influences CanNor’s and other government departments’ response to challenges and opportunities.

aandc departmental business plan

NPMO moved departmenttal the development stage to the implementation stage of the Community Readiness Initiative and engaged in extensive socio-economic data gathering to inform decision making under the initiative. The primary objective of the workshop was to build awareness of the mining industry in Yukon communities, including mining impacts; economic benefits and opportunities for communities; as well as environmental, economic and social impacts.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – 2013-14 Departmental Performance Report

If another type that is specific to the department is introduced, an explanation of its meaning must be provided. As well, departmental reporting on the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy has been consolidated into a new supplementary information table posted on departmental websites.

CanNor funds the growth and enhancement of northern economic infrastructure by supporting the planning and development of multi-user physical infrastructure projects that are important deoartmental economic growth in the North.

Departmetal delivery in the North requires a strong focus on risk management and mitigation. Type is defined as follows: NPMO has devoted significant effort to developing tools to better engage in socio-economic data gathering and research. Relationships with Clients, Partners and Stakeholders: Part II Main Estimates lists the financial resources required by individual departments, agencies and Crown corporations for the upcoming fiscal year.

Return to endnote 6 referrer. CanNor’s financial statements can be found on the Agency’s website.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – Departmental Performance Report

Through specific activities, such as strategic and sectoral partnerships, engagement, awareness and opportunities workshops, and agenda management, CanNor aims to align economic development activities in the North in a more effective manner and to xepartmental northern industrial sectors e. The lower Actual Spending in is mostly because of the delay in ramping up the NPMO and other delays in staffing, as well as the lower than expected contribution spending.

Aboriginal Economic Development Sub-Program 1. The NPMO maintains and develops a variety of tools to coordinate federal regulatory activities relating to major projects in the North, while cepartmental its relationship with all partners involved in advancing resource development.


This informed the analysis of community development as it related to proposed natural resource development.

The Agency also began to migrate content to the Canada. The CWBI measures socioeconomic well-being in nearly every Canadian community in terms of per capita income, educational attainment, housing quantity and quality, and labour force participation and employment rates.

This increase is mostly due to the additional salary expenses resulting from the increased NPMO funding.

aandc departmental business plan

The investment supports a wide array of business sectors such as the tourism, transportation, and service sectors i. Interventions through Aboriginal economic development contributions programming ensure that Aboriginal communities and community economic development organizations have planning capacity and access to professional economic support and advisory services.

CanNor brings partners together so that investments can be leveraged, ideas and insights exchanged, knowledge shared, and efforts coordinated. As well, the Agency works to integrate economic development strategies within the federal government, across jurisdictions, and with other key economic players, including the private sector and Aboriginal communities. The total new funding for NPMO by year is as follows: CanNor will continue to work to re-align processes as changes are implemented.

aandc departmental business plan

Our programs provided support for community involvement in major resource development projects, contributed to business capacity and innovation, enhanced participation in local labour markets, and helped to improve infrastructure such as day care centres and community centers. The ability to measure performance is critical. Organizational Contact Information Appendix: This increases the complexity of CanNor’s efforts and puts additional pressure on its ability to establish, maintain and strengthen relationships with its clients, partners and stakeholders.

NAEOP is composed of two streams: NPMO continued efforts to advance northern major projects as efficiently as possible by providing a coordinated whole-of-government approach to managing major projects.