We always want more and better products. During the Wild West years, the abundance of land gave people opportunities to achieve better lives. They crave to go further and further until there is absolutely nothing left to explore. What ever people own, there is always there newer version coming out. Because of this process, many lives can be affected, and the thought of having more would result in a downhill reaction.

That makes it nearly impossible to be satisfied with a product for more than a year. Wanting more is what has led us to strive to do great things and this feeling of more is not going to stop but instead I strongly believe if more is used for the right purpose it is was is going to keep us strong for centuries to come. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! How about make it original? This concept has stuck with us all the way to current day.

It negatively affect individual because of the temptation that would make us easily spend money on unnecessary items.

This is how many speculators made a living in America.

The newest cell phones, the newest cars, the newest clothes and so on. It is the desire to move forward that keeps America going. There had thesiw been some new place to colonize which in turn has been called the final frontier also described as the land of opportunity.

We always want more and better products. It helps us set goals and gives your life twists and turns which makes it interesting.


After which, the comments section will be locked. After I asked them why they don’t go to college, they just replied with the argument that work pays but education does not.

The More Factor Essay

One of his quotes states that: They want to be the most advanced and have the latest products in the market. This phenomenon still occurs in our society. His idea seems to be to change the system from invest wildly and hope profit is to be made to consider the ramifications first before rash actions.

Everybody in America wants to be rich. However, a month later, the newer version came out, and people threw their recent one away and bought the newer one. We will write a custom sample essay on The More Factor specifically for you. Shames describes that the American dream is basically money. Shames puts it this way: Stocks have the same gamble that early Americans had.

What I believe Shames is trying to point out is that there is a limit to how far and how much we can expand, something that was uncomprehend able in the past. Materials come and go but your eternal. Would it be possible to gather enough evidence that every single person could hear that and believe it? Almost every ones goals are wealth, home ownership etc.

Seeing that now there is not much left but what they already have, all they can do is keep advancing technology and try to make Americans lives easier.


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Americans would build towns in deserted places in order to get trains cactor build railroad tracks to go through them. Ghe some kind of mechanical pump for water or a trucking infrastructure, no one would want to live in the middle of nowhere without resources.

I do believe that consumer culture and always wanting more is damaging American society in levels we cannot yet comprehend. However, he goes on to point out that the idea of frontiers is what keeps the nation going, not the mission to reach it. Shames talked about a certain group of risk-takers, which he calls speculators.

laurence shames the more factor thesis

Scale overweighs quality, success surpasses decency. That makes it nearly impossible to be satisfied with a product for more than a year. The mentality of Americans, in general, was to grow and advance. The “more” mindset is definitely occurring, because the mass amount of people is brainwashed to think that matter actually matters when it doesn’t.

laurence shames the more factor thesis

Now Americans take other risks to become wealthy, such as starting businesses or creating improved products. Newer Post Older Post Home.