Khan, Ifadat Ali Deactivation of dehydration adsorbents. Khan, Muhammad Kashif Saeed Automatic classification of speech and music in digitized audio. Sheikh, Mohammad Arshad Bulk separation of binary gas mixtures by pressure swing adsorption. Al-Ghamdi, Muhammad Ali Mubarak Evaluation of work sampling as an indicator of construction labor productivity. Al-Afandi, Muhammad Nauwar On learning better decision trees. Mukarram, Shaik Khasimul Variable structure control of nonlinear systems. Al-Ghamdi, Khalid Saleh Investigation of structural stability and vibrational spectra of some organizations.

Al-Hafeez, Mohammed Riyad Microcomputer based interactive process identification package. Ali, Mir Farooq Efficacy of contractor prequalification models. Saqib, Mohammed Iqbal Flexural behavior of reinforced sulphur concrete beams. Ali, Syed Ahmed Effects of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and water on catalytic hydrogenation of propylbenzene. Al-Jaziri, Abdul Karim Mohammad Experimental investigation of various physical factors affecting the stability of water-in-oil emulsions in oil production. Balawi, Hesham Muhammad Uncertainty analysis in shear strength of soils and its application to stability of slope problems.

Javed, Hasnain Effect of degree of saturation, air voids and medium of attack on the durability of asphalt concrete mixes in Jeddah.

Makhdoum, Mohammed Akram Abdulhai Integrated production, quality and maintenance models under various preventive maintenance policies. Kdupm Zahrani, Abdallah Muhammad Behavior of transmitted wave in gain media. Qureshi, Rizwan Ahmad Excitation transfer in highly excited calcium atoms through thermal collisions with argon.


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Abdul-Raheem, Mohammed The Designing of objects using rational splines with shape control. S Design and performance evaluation of evaporative cooling towers. Oloriegbe, Yahya Garba Solution properties of sidechain polymers for enhanced oil recovery. Edrees, Ahmed Mohammed A Study of copper recovery by liquid membrane containing a chelating agent. Syed, Juned Laiq Risk and hydraulic reliability analysis of water distribution systems. Khan, Khan Abbas A.

Mohammed, Yassir Obeid Quality of service routing. Ahmed, Osama Abdel-Wahhab Application of artificail neural networks to optical character recognition.

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Al-Samhouri, Nedhal Fouzi A model study of slurry-trench excavation and soil-bentonite cut-off walls. Masoud, Osama Taleb An integrated stereo algorithm based on coarse-to-fine features and intensity values.

Hussein, Ibnelwaleed Ali Hydrogen production by the electrolysis of saline water. Al-Ahmari, Abdullah Said M.

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Inamah, Abu Ibrahim Unsteady state performance of porous gas-diffusion electrodes in alkaline fuel cell. Ahmad, Rafi Engineering properties and mineralogical composition of expansive clays in Al-Qatif area. Al-Nazer, Ahmed Ali Collaborative autonomous interface agent for personalized web search. Tayyar, Haitham Fahmi Hassan A new model reduction scheme for linear time-invariant systems with polynomial.

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Al-Turabi, Mohamed Omer Hamed. Khan, Khurram Ahmed Studies of the terephthalic acid and dihydroxy diphenyl sulfone liquid crystalline copolymer and its composites.

Hossain, Mahmood Parallel optical architectures for some comparison-based problems.

Naqvi, Mohammad Salman Mahmoud Modeling of hydrodynamics and mass transfer in cocurrent packed columns. Sadath Ali The effect of temperature and salt contamination on corrosion of reinforcing steel in OPC and blended cement concretes.


Naeem, Wasif Nonlinear predictive control using genetic algorithms. Mohammed, Aman Hassen Effect of drilling fluid particle sizes on formation damage: Al-Taweel, Ahmed Baqer Development of multiphase flow metering set-up utilizing coriolis meters. Ahmad, Firoz Magnetic field management in underground cables. Al-Rumaih, Saleh Ibrahim New algorithms for the identification of a class of hammerstein-wiener nonlinear systems. Hussain Studies on blow-up. Al-Gahtani, Theeb Ayedh Dynamic projective coordinate system for elliptic curve crytography.

Al-Mubarak, Mohammad Hasan Mohammad Detection of high impedance faults using artificial neural networks.

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Parvez, Saleem A Study on the development of vehicular loding for design of highway bridges in Saudi Arabia. Sultan, Mir Asif Application of neural network to the determination of thesia interpretation model for horizontal wells.

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Ziraba, Yasin Naku Non-linear finite ofupm analysis of reinforced concrete beams repaired by plate bonding. Maadi, Feras Ali Mohammed Designing a self-timed arithmetic logic unit.